b. April 2011 - d. March 29, 2012

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Arrow's Health Issues

Arrow was a sick little pup when he was found near the library in October 2011. He spent much of the work day at the library, until CV Animal Control was able to pick him up late afternoon.

Arrow at CVPL

The CV Animal Care Facility did a superb job of providing extensive care for him, including removing foxtails from throughout his body/paws and treating his ear infection, but they were not able to fully treat his illness. Arrow's owner never claimed him, so I adopted him as-is, and took him to South Bay Veterinary Hospital.

At South Bay Veterinary Hospital he was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease, and began extensive treatment including medication 7x per day that included antibiotics and steroids. He began to improve, although suffering occasional setbacks. He was healthy enough to enjoy some activities and traveling, and began private training classes at PetSmart.

He had a solid 6 weeks of excellent blood tests, continuing on his medication, so we were all optimistic that he would recover.

Unfortunately his immune system suddenly crashed on Friday March 23. Despite an immediate blood transfusion and chemotherapy drug treatment, he passed away on Thursday March 29, 2012.

Photo Gallery

Arrow enjoyed quite a few adventures in his short life, including spending the day at the Chula Vista Public Library (day one), doing a bit of holiday traveling, attending a few races, playing at Camp K9, and moving onto a liveaboard boat.

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Camp K9, Chula Vista CA (December 2011)


Thanks to everyone at SB Veterinary Hospital, CVPL, CYM and BRR for helping to make Arrow's life a happy one :-)